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The future of China's ceramic sanitary ware industry "be threatened by growing crises"
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 276 Times


Behind the rapid development of each industry, are hidden many problems, of course, is the rapid development of each enterprise to want, but if not solve some problems in the process of the development of high speed development, this is terrible, like a house without a high building foundation, built only would have more more quickly. So is the ceramic sanitary industry, the development after, not a lot of time to solve the problem is becoming increasingly acute, seriously affected the further development of ceramic sanitary ware.
Ceramic sanitary ware is imported, to China but 20 years. Indeed, the current domestic enterprises output ranking first in the world, but if the association to as many as 3000 of the number of enterprises and many low-end products, the performance is difficult to be proud of. For a long time, Chinese bathroom enterprises has been at a disadvantage in passive in the domestic market, only the vicious internal competition in the low-end market, it is difficult to enter occupied by foreign brands of high-end high margin products market. In the world, Chinese has become synonymous with low-grade products.
Energy-saving emission reduction requirements are increasingly high, eleven during the five national requirements million unit GDP energy consumption decreased by 20%, and now the 12th Five Year Plan period is further decreased by 16% in the eleven five, and incorporated into the government performance management accountability, in October last year to start the implementation of the mandatory national standard GB25464-2010 "ceramic industry emission standards", these are for sanitary ceramics manufacturing pose greater pressure; China sanitary ceramics production rose sharply in 2010, the biggest growth is Hubei, Fujian these two emerging areas, and building ceramics similar expansion is quietly rising, disorderly expansion will provide fertile ground for the low malignant competition; important aspects of quality problems sanitary ceramics industry is now must face, recently several well-known brand product quality complaints flooded the siege and network consumer, this year 's pumping' also appeared big brand quality is not good situation, now is the 'country', 'province' pumping pumping constantly, consumers have become increasingly demanding, rights awareness more and more strong, the enterprises to strengthen quality management to be a little sloppy.
We can note: sanitary ceramics industry in China production capacity is still growing, the domestic market demand in the international market decline, the overall economic recovery than expected; material costs on the rise, the price does not rise, the cost of policy operation enterprise continues to rise, the market competition is becoming more intense, all these show sanitary ceramics industry may lurk crises. Comprehensive macroeconomic and industry development of the two aspects of the situation, the winter of 2012 will arrive ahead of time, this winter will be cold, this is already the industry concerned problem, prepared in advance, actively looking for response measures, possibly is the key.

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