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Chinese ceramic industry entered a smooth development period
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 262 Times


The national economy has entered a new era. From the beginning of 2012, the development of ceramic industry has entered a new era. 5.5% rose 2013 in the first 11 months, China's ceramic industry entered a smooth development period. 2004 to 2011 of eight years, output growth in the Chinese building ceramics industry has been maintained at more than two digits, and have two years of growth in more than 20%, this is Chinese building ceramics history. Never, is unprecedented and unrepeatable ceramic tile in the world history. Even c. Even can say, in the next 10 years, it is difficult to see the two digit type growth, not to mention the two digit growth for eight consecutive years. Maybe China ceramic tile industry then bid farewell to the two digit growth era.
Ceramic industry in 2012 the growth rate was reduced to less than 5%, only 3.35%. The beginning of that year the editor in the article had predicted in 2012 China's ceramic tile production growth will be below 5%, and little difference. In January 4, 2013 I "Outlook" development in 2013 China's ceramic tile industry in an article had forecast in 2013 ceramic tile production growth at around 5%. 11 months of 2013 years ago, China's ceramic tile production reached 8990000000 square meters, a year-on-year growth of 5.5%.
The economy of our country should return to a natural growth stage, our industry is entered from a high-speed development to a smooth development of the transition period, during this transition period, the ceramic industry annual growth should be in 3% - 6%.
In our country the development in 2013, China's ceramic tile production during the first half of this year is 4500000000 square meters, an increase of 5.8%; the first three quarters of output is 7110000000 square meters, an increase of 4.6%. In June 20th China's financial field of "money", probably in 2013 ceramic tile industry thriving boundaries and smooth development.
China's ceramic industry has entered a transitional period, from the high-speed development period into the smooth development period, during the transitional period should be in which direction to go, building materials network Xiaobian think, there are many issues worth considering. In 2013 the ceramic tile industry ups and downs, once again let people issued a series of question mark: ceramic tile production capacity surplus? Ceramic tile industry by the high speed development to slow development of transition, the transition period is how long? This transition Is it right? Is excess? These problems have been placed in front of.
In economics, if a certain industry sales accounted for more than 78% of capacity, so the industry's healthy development, if the sales volume is less than 78% of capacity, is excess. In academic circles, the basic thought of 6 square meters per capita consumption is critical in ceramic tile industry. Our ceramic tile production is 9000000000 square meters, if lose 1200000000 square meters of export, in the balance of production and sales each year under the premise, divided by 1380000000 population, per capita tile consumption in China just at 6.1 - 6.2 square metres. "6" the number is a very delicate figure in many industry recognized. China currently at this level. In other words, China's ceramic tile production in excess of edge.

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