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Brand market Tao Wei base breaking development problems
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 254 Times

At present, China's ceramic sanitary ware industry can be divided into two categories: one is the enterprise intellectual property management system of passive defensive ceramic sanitary products innovation and passive defensive; two is no innovation and no intellectual property management enterprises, they only know "what big company products sell well, you imitation which" principle. Research China ceramic sanitary products and China ceramic sanitary enterprises patent, it is not difficult to find can use two words to describe: the same. The majority of ceramic sanitary enterprises still keen on promotion. "Hot money", "hot" digging in copying other ceramic sanitary ware products, relatively unique enterprise is Liao Ruo morningstar.
To meet the need of market research and develop special products
At present, the overall industry sales cold case, many enterprises want to implement the bathroom sink channels, three or four line into the city, and even small towns. But the small town is different from the city, there are cultural differences between village and village, around the living habits and the natural environment and be totally different, so they require very different for the family decoration.
In view of this situation, study habits of their enterprises must, according to their characteristics, to adapt to the development of their products. For example, they need the toilet or squatting pan? What is the old man and the proportion of children? Only to understand them, and specially designed for their favorite products, will be welcomed by the market.
To build the brand characteristics based on the consumer market
Now, many small and medium-sized brands abroad are very unique, a small team is composed of just five or six people, can build and support a brand personality. For example, a small soft lighting design team, they won numerous customers come through the personality of their own design, they rely on their own funds to make own brand promotion plan, and make a reputation.
Brand embodies all the content of the enterprise management, is a concentrated expression of the core competitiveness of enterprises. At present, the level of domestic technology gradually mature, sanitary products for the majority of manufacturers is not difficult. However, because the industry entry barrier is more and more low, some uneven, some good and some bad, all kinds of channel of replenish onr's stock, which has a great impact on the whole market bathroom. Therefore only will create unique brand of sanitary ware, can be a foothold in the market.
The development of special products, characteristic base of power industry
At present, many enterprises in the basic situation of different user's age, gender, health status, development of new products, to meet the different groups in the physiological barrier need. Children is mainly affected by the height limitation, the elderly due to deterioration of the body function, the existing obstacles of different activities, causing them to the bathroom products have special requirements. Therefore, building materials network Xiaobian think, children's bath products, the elderly and disabled sanitary products, sanitary products are 3 trends in different groups design. Enterprises should seize the opportunity, the product design as one of the goals of the development of enterprises.
In addition, some places also built a characteristic base. Reportedly, Inner Mongolia area has carried out the construction of sanitary ceramics base, local projects in the most basic facilities have been completed, the entire shell production plant construction work has been basically completed. Their goal is to put into production at the beginning of this year, the Inner Mongolia area has its own bathroom ceramics production workshop, and establish the local ceramic sanitary ware brand which can and the long dormant in the Inner Mongolia market, foreign enterprises to compete.
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