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Ceramic industry competition in the market of training school
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 283 Times

According to statistics, in 2013 the scale of university graduates more than 6990000 people, and the enterprise job cuts, which made the 2013 employment situation warming frequently, known as "the history of the most difficult year of employment". In this case, including ceramics, building materials industry has emerged Home Furnishing labor shortage. With the development of the ceramic industry, problems also appear constantly, especially the problem of talents, some enterprises even appeared "recruitment difficult".

陶瓷行业竞争白热化 以培训攻市场

Young people less ceramic enterprises
A lot of ceramics production enterprises and sales enterprises, there are two very obvious phenomenon, one is the production of ceramic industry within thirty years is very small, and the other one is the phenomenon of sales basically are women, because men sellers is the pursuit of more and more high sales volume, sales in the ceramic industry difficult stage can maintain the sales have been good, not to mention the sales continue to increase to a new digital.
In recent years, ceramic enterprises in the aspects of product identity has seriously affected the development of various enterprises, and increase the talent crisis is that enterprises can not concentrate on production and sales, the enterprise has become the energy and not well maintained. Therefore only need to find a new mode to solve these problems.
Building materials network Xiaobian that, after more than 20 years of development, today's ceramic industry already cannot be mentioned in the same breath, ceramic overcapacity, the sharp rise in the number of enterprises, product homogeneity serious problem has bathroom industry has undergone changes in turn the world upside down. Ceramic products is the pile up in excess of requirement, the competition between enterprises become more intense, enterprises to compete for market share need to impose some marketing methods are only effective method of training activities, arise spontaneously improve marketing skills, training an effective way for the enterprises to tackle market.
Nowadays some having foresight of ceramic enterprises have begun to practice in this respect, these enterprises to try and some scientific research units cooperation. Ceramic enterprises joint scientific research units will have so many benefits, not only for the product, but also can solve the increasingly serious talent crisis facing enterprises.
In addition, more and more occupation managers agree the ceramic industry development space, and manufacturers are increasingly recognized across industry occupation managers bring value is the empiricism can not be replaced. In recent years some ceramic brand strategic arrangement of senior industry empiricist and from other industry occupation manager alongside.

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