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In 2013 Chinese building ceramics industry ten big news
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 394 Times

Back in 2013 China building ceramics industry, there are ten popular events worthy of attention, such as: Gao'an and other emerging regions Zaixian on-line climax, Dongpeng holding Hongkong listed on the main board, ceramic industry established the first industrial investment company, "ceramic dry milling technology and equipment" science and technology achievements through provincial level appraisal, marble tile become the building ceramics sixth category, the source of the group of "thunder anti-counterfeiting campaign" cited concerns and so on, the building materials network Xiaobian for you dwell on these events.
The first half of the Gao'an and other emerging regions Zaixian on-line climax
Earlier this year the market situation of ceramic sanitary ware industry improved rapidly, stimulate enterprises to increase investment. The first half of Gao'an and other emerging areas Zaixian on-line climax, the all new booster nearly 1000 ceramic stick out, etc.. This new round of expansion of market competition further intensified, edge line, side shuffle phenomenon. Some have the strength of corporate mergers and acquisitions accelerated in the areas outside the. At the same time, the emerging regions also increase brand promotion efforts, exceed 800 km market restrictions.
Dongpeng holding Hongkong listed on the main board of the Hong Kong into the first ceramic enterprises
In December 9th, Dongpeng Cmi Holdings Ltd formally in Hongkong main board listing, become the first domestic listed in Hongkong ceramic enterprises. Dongpeng holdings is the main business including tiles, polished tiles and glazed tiles. Bathroom is a major business of ceramic sanitary products, such as toilet and hand basin.
Ceramic industry established the first industrial investment company
In December 3rd, held in Hainan Sanya in 2013 China building sanitary ceramics industry conference, sponsored by the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, China Home Furnishing group, the new pearl, Marco Polo, Arrow, Dongpeng, Monalisa, Hongyu, brilliance, Jomoo and other 20 ceramic sanitary enterprises jointly funded the first domestic ceramic industry investment company -- China Ceramic Investment Development Company Limited was set up. At the same time introduced the industry's first industry service platform -- Chinese building sanitary ceramics industry fund.
Science and technology achievements in Shandong Yi, "ceramic dry milling technology and equipment" through provincial level appraisal
Dry powder method has the advantages of simple production process of continuous, needs less equipment, less land occupation, less investment, high yield, high production efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, advantages of comprehensive energy consumption reduced by 45% above. This year, the research and development of application of dry milling technology Shandong Yi Department of energy saving Technology Co., Ltd. has made great breakthrough. Development and application of Foshan solution, two ceramic factory for dry milling technology has reached the industrial trial operation stage. This indicates that our dry powder ceramic tile production industrialization era.
Marble tile become the building ceramics sixth categories
At present, the tile category is mainly divided into six categories, according to the first time behind the city are exterior wall tiles, interior wall tiles, polished tiles (tiles) (Bo Huazhuan), antique tiles, microcrystalline stone tile, marble tile. In 2013, pioneered by Gani ceramics and life marble tiles become the focus of attention of the industry, and attracted a large number of follow-up. Marble tile as sixth tiles category that has rapidly become a consensus.
Liaoning Faku ceramic enterprises six areas is a "coal to gas"
Liaoning Faku, Zibo, Fujian, Jiangxi, Quanzhou, Shandong, Gao'an, Guangdong Qingyuan and Zhaoqing and other ceramic producing areas of government departments, have asked the local building sanitary ceramics enterprises completed natural gas replacement works within a time limit. "Coal to gas", production costs continue to rise, which brings more challenges for low-grade line ceramic enterprises. At the same time, may also be a problem of inadequate supply of natural gas.
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