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Adhere to the innovation of ceramic industry will usher in the development of "sunny day"
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 266 Times

Dehua from Jiangxi Jingdezhen, Fujian, Zibo, Hebei to Shandong Tangshan and Zhejiang Longquan and other places, whether it is for management mechanism innovation and technological innovation, we always and everywhere can feel these regions in promoting the ceramic industry to accelerate the transformation of strong innovation development.
Yangchun in March, entered the Jiangxi province is located in the Jingdezhen Ceramic Industrial Park God fly Special Ceramics Co., Ltd., plant the area clean and tidy, lush, the workshop production workers are in tension, the laboratory technicians in a careful test...... One faction thriving scene. Are factory inspection chairman Zheng Hongwei accompany us to visit the edge edge. This company is not to 8 years of ceramic enterprises, relying on scientific and technological innovation to realize the transformation from the traditional ceramic enterprises to high-tech ceramics enterprises. At present, the company for 5 years, the cumulative invested about 70000000 yuan of independent R & D and won the super high voltage ceramic resistor project in Jiangxi province of major scientific and technological project has entered the stage of industrialization. Zheng Hongwei confidently said: "this project all industrialization, forming billion yuan annual output in the next 10 years."
Great leap forward development of God fly special ceramic Co., is only a microcosm of these regions to speed up the transformation and development of ceramic industry. Dehua from Jiangxi Jingdezhen, Fujian, Zibo, Hebei to Shandong Tangshan and Zhejiang Longquan and other places, whether it is for management mechanism innovation and technological innovation, we always and everywhere can feel the breath of the innovation and development of strong area in promoting the ceramic industry in transition. In recent years, the development of ceramic industry "wind" in these areas, innovation has become a major bright spot industry transformation.
In the downtown area more than ten kilometers of Jingdezhen Ceramic Industrial Park, a broad flat road is arranged in a crisscross pattern, a very modern buildings dotted...... A lot of ceramic characteristics of modern industrial park has formed the scale. According to deputy director of Jingdezhen porcelain Bureau Lei Jun introduced, the construction of the park started since 2004, Jingdezhen city in the industrial cluster oriented, technology-based innovation driving force, to the investment main grasper, strengthen the construction of hardware, software park, accelerate the construction ceramics industry base, the successful introduction of God Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. and a fly high technology ceramic enterprises and high-end daily-use ceramics enterprises. Since 2007, has introduced 109 projects, the actual investment of $68618200, funded 10607500000 yuan.
At present, the park has been gathering all kinds of ceramic enterprises more than 140, last year's ceramic industry output value of nearly 10 billion yuan, become the country's only "country the name" national new industrialization ceramics industry base, becoming the platform speed transformation of Jingdezhen ceramics industry an important bearing.
The rapid rise of Ceramic Industrial Park, become a model of Jingdezhen Ceramics Industry Phoenix nirvana. As the Millennium porcelain, Jingdezhen ceramic industry in the last century in the late 90's, because of various reasons in the development of the trough. Entering the new century, facing history left Jingdezhen this priceless treasures, the strategic goals of the city construction boom, firmly establish harmonious, charm porcelain, innovating management system, the establishment of the ceramic development committee leadership by the party and government leaders, to establish the professional management mechanism porcelain Bureau, unified planning the coordinated development of ceramic industry, strengthen the standardized service. At the same time, introduced the "a series of policy measures in Jingdezhen ceramic brand development strategy implementation opinions", to guide and support the transformation and development of ceramic industry, initially formed a ceramic culture and science and technology innovation as the basis, to high-tech ceramics for the pillars, with high-grade ceramics for daily use and artistic porcelain as the main body, the building sanitary ceramics for the new pattern ceramic industry auxiliary. Last year, the ceramic industry achieved a total output value 21500000000 yuan, accounting for the city's industrial economy gross 1/3, grow 11.63% compared to the same period.
Innovation and creativity, the enterprise is the main body. As the saying goes: "the world of white porcelain in the China, China white porcelain in Dehua." In Dehua County of Fujian Province, independent innovation has become the conscious action of more and more of the ceramic enterprises. In the county long Peng Group Limited export products exhibition hall, realistic shape, a superb collection of beautiful things of the western craft porcelain products dizzying. The company deputy general manager Ceng Haibo said, these years, they adhere to market-oriented, and constantly increase the scientific and technological research and development investment, the annual investment of about 6000000 yuan for the development of new products, annual launch new tens of thousands of pieces, the export volume of about 10000000 dollars. In recent years, the company also creatively implement the development mode of "enterprise + Master", in cooperation with the master Lian Zihua and a number of Arts and crafts, and vigorously develop cultural and creative industries. The county is currently listed on a ceramic industry's only enterprise -- Fujian Guanfu modern domestic Limited by Share Ltd, established the first provincial-level enterprise technology center of Fujian Province, independent research and development of high heat-resistant ceramic pot, Jinyu porcelain bone lithium porcelain 8 kinds of porcelain, the annual output of hundreds of millions of pieces, high thermal ceramics which was included in the national Torch Program projects. And, to implement creative "Yiwuyi pick" marketing model, in the country to establish a complete system of marketing network, more than 8000 supermarkets, products to enter the country in large and medium-sized city mall, the annual sales volume of 700000000 yuan.
As the local pillar industry and industry of enriching the people, Dehua County adhere ceramic priority development strategy, firmly establish the "traditional porcelain products, craft ceramics, ceramics for daily use and artistic" development ideas, innovative ideas, policies and measures, to build a platform, actively encourage and guide enterprises to market-oriented go innovation development
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